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Getting The Spicy Out

Posted Apr 05 2013 1:43pm
This morning was a rush around kind of morning.  I aways read blogs and I may have been on the computer a little longer than I should have been.  I made a quick bowl of oatmeal with blueberries and Braiden had a blueberry waffle with agave.  At first the kids were so used to the corn syrup, artificial syrup that they wouldn’t eat agave for anything.  Now, they love it.  Stick with it.  Your kids will come around.

Braiden loves show and tell day at school.  He brought his Peanuts lunchbox with cars inside.


It is SUCH a beautiful day here and it KILLED me not to run outside today.  BUT since the Go Half is Sunday, I know I had to rest my legs.  Scarlet was ready to play with the kids at the gym.  I hit the elliptical for an hour.


I was excited because I pulled out my favorite shirt today.  I got it from the expo of my first half marathon (I walked) over 6 years go.


It made me really happy because every time I’ve put it on, I’ve had to take it right off because it never fit me.  It’s tight but it fits and I wore it for the first time, 6 years later.

I seriously waited around in the locker room for people to leave so I can take a self picture in the mirror. Yeah, I felt a little weird about it too.


After the gym and getting Braiden, I headed to my brother’s house for a little bit.  The kid love playing at his house because of all the cool toys.


Someone found a marker.


Meet Nash.  My brother’s youngest. He’s a cutie, isn’t he? I think I know who found the marker…


After playing for a little bit the kids and I headed home for lunch.  I sautéed a whole egg-plant, green pepper, and onion in coconut oil with salt and cumin.  I topped it with some yogurt ranch, hot sauce, and cilantro.  I’m getting all my spicy cravings out today because tomorrow (day before race day) I’m can’t eat ANYTHING spicy.  That would make for a really bad 13.1 miles.


I’m trying to decide between pasta or rice tomorrow for dinner.  Have I mentioned how EXCITED I am about this race?

Question: What do you eat the night before race day?

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