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Getting my mojo back

Posted Sep 18 2011 6:44pm
A little over a week ago, I was writing about my unruly puppy dog brain.  A puppy chews on anything--it needs to chew. Just like my brain with thinking. It's why I don't do well with down time and being bored. This was the case a week ago, and things have become rather different in the past few days . I was traveling Thursday and doing the lengthy meeting thing on Friday. I'm staying with my friend this weekend and trying to get some work done in the off hours. Then tomorrow and Tuesday, it's back to the lengthy meeting thing, plus writing some press releases for them and trying to work on my book.


It's good to have work to do. It makes me feel like I have a purpose. It pays the bills. And it also gives my brain something more productive to chew on.

I know I need to do a better job at making time to work on my book.  I was working on the bit about " analysis paralysis ," which got me laughing because it's exactly why I'm a little a bit just a touch more than a little behind where I need to be on the writing. Starting the writing process is terrifying because I don't know if I can do it. I've never had to juggle this many interviews and references and all this other stuff before. I don't know if I can churn out that much writing, let along quality writing.

I also have to censor myself, as saying something is "bullshit" isn't likely to get high marks from my editor. It is still, of course, bullshit, but that's besides the point.

The solution, I've found, is simply to dive in.  Start writing.  Accept that there will be shitty first drafts and that this doesn't imply a shitty final draft.  And so now, I'm neck deep in PubMed references, pdfs of journal articles, interview tapes, and snippets of blog posts. But I banged out over 1000 words this afternoon, which is a pretty good clip.


Being in the thick of a project makes it much easier to work because I've gotten over the most massive hump that's known as "Getting Started." I'm still petrified that there will be some scrap of research I've failed to factor in to all of my writing, and that it will essentially blow my book to bits. I know--how ironic that with all of the reading and researching I've done, I still have this fear. But there you have it: analysis paralysis in action.
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