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Get Over Yourself! Page 7

Posted Aug 25 2007 12:00am

The following are my answers. 

Success Associations Exercise  (Pg. 7 of Get Over Yourself!)

1. Success is: being financially stable.
2. Success is: being happy.
3. Success is: reaching goals.
4. Money is: important.
5. Money is: hard to get.
6. Financial freedom is: being rich.
7. Celelbrities are: lucky.
8. The reasons I cannot or may not become successful are: My laziness. My insecurity. My fear. My driving phobia. My social anxiety disorder. My lack of motivation.
9. Some of the possible negatives about being wealthy or going through the process of trying to become successful are: Becoming wealthy may make me less humble. Getting wealthy may drain me physically and emotionally. I may lose time with family, friends, and myself. I may get rejected and let down. I may have to hurt people in order to get what I want.
10. My greatest worries and fears about becoming successful are: Nothing. I want nothing more than to be successful.
11. The worst thing about being wealthy is: People envy you. And come to think of it, that’s not that bad either.

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