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Get Our From Behind Your Laptop, Tablet, and Smartphone

Posted Apr 17 2013 2:49am

Three reasons why you should consider taking a break from (or limiting your use of) social media sites during eating disorder recovery...

1. Social media is superficial. People are always using social media to post about the fun things they are doing and the cool people they are with. Each photo seems to be one with a perfect pose, at a perfect angle, and with a perfect smile. It's easy to get caught up and believe that other people's posts are a direct reflection of their life. We are led to believe that everyone else's life is perfect. Let's face it though...despite what is reflected on a social media site, nobody's life is perfect. People only post what they want others to see. People rarely post about their struggles and this can leave us wallowing in self pity, while we compare and wish our lives (and appearance) were like someone else's. Additionally, with each post, comment, and picture, we leave ourselves up for critique while others look at these and decide if its worthy enough for them to take the time to "like" or comment on it. 

2. Social media is ad city and host to triggering posts.  The days of social media simply being a way to reconnect and keep in touch are gone. Take the Facebook "home" page for example. Our "home" page is now littered with ads; muddled with posts, products, and companies our friends like; and cluttered with things that Facebook suggests we view. Somewhere along the line, social media sites have become less to do with staying connected and more to do with marketing a product that we are led to believe we need in order to be healthy and happy. Furthermore, some people find it appropriate to constantly post about how much they just exercised or how much weight they lost. Viewing these types of posts can be triggering and can cause some people to feel inadequate. 

3. Social media may isolate us.  The more time we seem to spend on social media sites, the most isolated we may become. Think about it...the connecting we do on social media is only surface level. The more time we spend hiding behind our laptop, tablet, or smart phone, the more likely it is that we will end up missing out on the smiles, laughs, comfort, company, and support of actually spending time with the people we care about. 

How to Keep Your Social Media Use in Check  

  • Spend a limited amount of time on social media sites. Don't forget about the other things you could be doing with your day! 
  • Use social media to find people you have lost touch with, but rely on face to face conversation as a way to reconnect. 
  • Stop comparing yourself to others. Remember that we are all unique and special in our own way. 
  • Remember that nobody has a perfect life despite how perfect someone else's life seems to be on a social media site. Do not allow yourself to wallow in how much better someone else's life seems to be based on a picture or status update they posted. 
  • Use social media to promote positive messages.
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