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Friday Favorites: It’s The Little Things!

Posted Aug 24 2012 5:09am

It has been a really stressful week in the Weaber household.

I won’t/cannot go into great detail at the present time but I will tell you it is more of a family matter than a personal issue and has nothing to do with my recovery outside of the aforementioned extra stress.

Anyway, because my mind was pretty fried after tuesday’s news, I absolutely needed a little mental break for some fun.

This meant trivia with a girlfriend thursday night, some ridiculous reality tv with Ryan and a random post of Friday Favorites!

So without further a due, I bring you some of the very best things about this week…

(how is that for trying to look at that glass half full!)

1. Sun Chlorella Tea

Tea and I go a long way back.

And I mean long.

My great-grandmother, who I am actually named after, gave me my first tea set when I was about 4.

She and I used to play dress up, put on our pearls, and have tea time with her favorite mint blend and some nice baked goodies.

She then purchased me a cute little Minnie-Mouse version (my favorite Disney character at that time) which I still have today.

Call me sentimental (or a pack rat?) but I hope I can hang onto that thing forever because it really does bring back some of my favorite memories of my and my Gram.

Anyway, aside from the nostalgia, I just enjoy something warm in my stomach. Its soothing, helps digestion and tastes delicious.

When this company messaged me asking if I wanted to try their product, I of course was excited because I am always looking for the opportunity to support vendors I know I would use or order from.

Since I drink about 4 cups of tea a day, keeping a variety in our pantry is not out of the norm. And after reading a little bit more about their specific tea bags, I was thrilled for the box to come.

The taste really is great, and the benefits it (and all teas) provide, are certainly noteworthy.

Since this particular brand boasts a calming effect I certainly put it to the test the last few days and it passed with flying colors!

Thanks Sun Chlorella, I really did enjoy this beverage and would absolutely recommend it to my fellow-tea lovers out there :-)

2. Newsroom

As much as I LOVE my reality TV…is anyone else guilty of watching the train wreck called “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo?!”…one of my favorite programs on right now is HBO’s Newsroom.

Ryan and I are major major fans of pretty much anything on the paid channels (hello Boardwalk Empire and Weeds!); possibly because the scripts are written so much more freely, but Newsroom might be at the top of our lists.

Between the witty banter of the cast, seeing actual current events from a different perspective, and the post-episode snip-ets, we almost always prioritize this as our first DVR catch-up on Mondays.

If you haven’t seen it, definitely check the comedy/drama out! No matter what your political affiliation may be, it really is wildly entertaining.

But if you would rather indulge in my other entertainment pleasure, Honey Boo Boo, Toddlers and Tiaras, Bachelorpad and Big Brother are all On Demand. ;-)

3. Ryan is HOME!

I got to pick up my significant other at the airport Tuesday evening, shortly after I heard the greatest news ever (sarcasm) and it could not have come at a better time.

It was so so nice to have him to talk with, eat with, sleep with, and just overall be around.

I know it is cliche but the person who said “absence makes the heart grow fonder,” was not lying.

Even though he was only away for a week I really missed laughing, dancing, conversing, and being in the presence of the one I love.

Unfortunately he works this weekend but I am looking forward to Memorial Day when we visit my mom in New Jersey and celebrate the birthday of one of our best friends at E-zoo.

Only 7 more days!!!!

4. Speaking of which…. E-ZOO is JUST around the corner!

If you haven’t been a reader for long you may not know I am kind of obsessed with music; especially EDM.

When E-Zoo was announced we knew we were going to go, and literally purchased tickets as soon as we could!

I got my neon and be-dazzled sunglasses ready and have been counting down for a month.

…Basically, the bags are already in the car, so wish me luck getting through the very long hours of work next week.

5. Wegmans

We don’t live very close to this grocery super-store, but if we are in the general vicinity for any reason, I always try to persuade Ryan to go.

Since I had some doctor’s appointments up that way I kindly suggested we stop to pick up some things we cannot possibly find anywhere else…

AKA the VITA PIZZA I have been salivating over ever since I saw they were coming on Hungry Girl!

I will go into more detail about the AMAZING food finds I scored at good old Wegmans next WIAW, but let’s just say everything is OVER-THE-TOP delicious and well worth me pestering the poor college aisle clerk to go to the back to retrieve the Vita product that was not yet even on the shelves.

I really do live up to the nickname my dad gave me; PITA (Pain In The A$$) but my stomach thanked me ;-)

Other things that have totally made my week were the French Vanilla K-Cups I am too cheap to buy but that my mom graciously brought home when she visited.

My mom coming home for two days at a time when I needed her most.

The new Kindle I got as a hand-me-down since mine decided to break. <– Again, I love you Mom.

Nail polish I got on sale that are going to make my weekend even more sparkly!

Maybe these thing sound totally lame to you, but I am learning that it is the little things that can sometimes bring the most joy.

And maybe the best thing of all….IT IS FRIDAY!!!

Happy Weekend Friends!

What is something from this week that made you smile?

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