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Food Stares At Me.

Posted Jul 16 2013 6:34am
It’s Tuesday.  Good O’l Tuesday.  Let’s see…. Terrific Tuesday to come after my Marvelous Monday.  I think so!  Yesterday my heart kinda sank when I realized we only had enough coffee to make Josh one cup, and me one and a half cups.  But don’t worry, all was okay after I realized that it just meant I got to fill the other half of my cup with creamer.  You were feeling sorry for me for a minute there, weren’t you?

Have you ever tried blueberries in eggs?  Don’t look at me funny.  They may not be for everyone but they are for me and I’ve come to terms with my weird eating combos.


Workout #1:  On the schedule was an 8 mile run.  I was about to go to the gym and bust it out on the treadmill when Josh texted me and said he would push the kids in the evening if I wanted to wait.  He’s all about getting me off the treadmill and outside.  Of course I waited.  I did go to the gym though because I couldn’t stand the children  the kids got bored and actually ASKED to go play with their friends.  How could I say no?  I ended up pumping iron for about 45 minutes (there may or may not have been more socializing than lifting in those minutes.) I tried to remember the moves from the core class I took last week.  Then I really wanted to watch T.V.  So I got on the elliptical for an hour and zoned into Bravo TV. 

When I got home I did 8 minute abs.

I was starving when I got home from the gym but I wasn’t ready for lunch at 10am. (I like eating lunch at 1 when Scarlet is napping and I can sit down and read blogs and runners world while I eat on the couch.) So instead of grabbing the bag of chips that were staring at me I grabbed a bag of carrots.  These little babies have been a favorite of mine lately.  I also grabbed 2 strawberries and a tid-bit of sunflower seed butter off Braiden’s plate.


Then it was time to do some more packing and sorting. Things are getting real.

For lunch I made the biggest salad I possibly could.  Filling my stomach with as many vegetables that will fit has been pretty amazing.  I probably ate about 2lbs of zucchini yesterday. 

Salad included lettuce, bell pepper, onion, pico de gallo, cucumber, chicken, and balsamic.  I know what you are thinking… No jalapenos?  Sadly when I made my salad yesterday before I could open the brand new jar, I dropped it and it shattered everywhere.  I cried for approximately 10 minutes.  I am cheap and refuse to buy more until next week so I will just have to make due with red pepper flakes on everything.

I always tell Josh that food is staring at me.  “Those brownies are staring at me.” or “Those chips are staring at me.”  I’m really not lying to you guys.  Food does stare at me. 

Oh Josh, such a jokster.

After my salad and after deciding that I’m not much into balsamic anymore I finished up lunch with celery, almond butter, and my vitamins.

Now, about our run.  About 30 minutes before Josh got home this happened….

The downpour was over in 10 minutes and it was back to being 90 degrees with 80% humidity. The stroller was soaked.  So I headed back to the gym for the second time yesterday.

Workout 2: I did my 8 mile training run at a 9:20 pace.  I did take two breaks, less than 2 minutes, at mile 4 and 6 for water.  I tried to drink while running before but always end up missing my mouth.

What’s for dinner?  It was Josh’s choice.  I’ll give you 3 guesses but I bet you only need one. 

You are correct. Sorry there are no prizes.  I had two wings and just enough eggplant and zucchini to feed a small army.

Talk to me!

What are your favorite salad ingredients?

I love onions, chicken, mushrooms, and cheese.  (I’m trying to cut down my cheese intake though.)

Does good stare at you? 

Brownies and cupcakes do me.  Chips sometimes glance over.

Any good runs on your Monday? 






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