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Fitting the solution to the problem, or the problem to the solutions?

Posted Jan 10 2011 12:49pm
Once a problem shows up I want to know how to to fix it. THEN I figure out what is available.

But I see a lot of people doing the opposite. They start with what is available and then cram the problem into it.

If the local providers don't offer it, the national health service doesn't offer it, the insurance company won't pay for it, the law doesn't support it, the family doesn't have time to provide it, and the ex is going to actively oppose it... those are real problems but they don't change the basic fact that RECOVERY may require it.

I spend a lot of time talking about what is required or recommended or good for treatment and keep hearing reasons why those things are not available. I know that. What we should be concentrating on is why, and how to fix that: not trying to argue that treatment shouldn't need those things.

We can't change availability, law, opinion, and practice without actually identifying the tools we need. We can' progress at all if we keep saying "we don't have that." If eating disorder patients need, for example, a year of supported recuperation in order to have a chance to recovery then they just do. Giving them some fraction of that and then dropping it isn't "better than nothing" it's failure. If FULL weight normalization is necessary to restore brain function then getting halfway there is NOT better, it's cruel. If hospitalization is needed, then getting a once-over and release at the ER/A&E is not a step forward it is a step back.

I'm weary of fitting the problem into the solutions. It is time to focus on finding solutions that fit the problems.
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