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First Spin Class

Posted Jul 02 2013 6:32am
Hey everyone!  Sometimes I feel like if I don’t put an explanation point after my greeting you guys will think I’m sad.  But when I read it in my head… I feel like it comes across as annoying.  I’m just always so excited to talk to you. ;-) Seriously though, I do get excited to talk.  I’m home all day with two children…the voice in my head needs to escape at least once a day and it’s more acceptable to talk to you guys than myself and it’s more acceptable for you to talk back. 

Well, yesterday I took my first spin class.  Check it off the list .  I’ve always wanted to take a spin class but I didn’t want to do it alone.  So when a coworker asked me to join her, I couldn’t pass it up.

I got to the room a little early to set up my bike. I had the instructor help me get the right fit. 

The class was 45 minutes long.  During the first 10 minutes I was thinking to myself… My butt really hurts! Then you get your balance, you get into the music, the instructor starts making you laugh and you start having a really good time.  I think I’m going to become a regular in the Monday Spin Class.  I used leg muscles I don’t use when I run.  I think it will help me get better with running.  I got on the treadmill after and after one mile of running with legs that felt like J.E.L.L.O. I called it a day. 

I got home and realized we were all out of cereal… I cried a little on the inside.  My breakfast of two eggs tasted great because I was starving but the missing carbs made me feel like less of a runner. I kid, I kid.  I did have to go buy some cereal and almond milk so this didn’t happen again though.

My lunch lacked in the carbs department as well… I’m not sure what was wrong with me.  My huge bowl of salad made me seriously happy though.  That’s not a regular size bowl… that’s a mixing bowl filled with lettuce, blue cheese, jalapenos, and yogurt dressing.  A-mazing.  I was too lazy to make chicken to go on top so we went vegetarian for lunch. 

I guess the lack of carbs was starting to get to me because after lunch I ended up having a third cup of coffee with vanilla creamer.  Or it could be because I was so. so. tired.  This is going to sound crazy but about once a week I have nightmares about zombies.  I haven’t watched the Walking Dead in months but they still pop up.  My dream Sunday night lasted through a couple of wake ups in the middle of the night all the way until my alarm went off yesterday morning.  True Story.

 The kids were jealous that I got to ride a bike for 45 minutes so we spent a good 2 hours outside when we got home evening things out.

A little randomness… Braiden found the smallest crack in the sidewalk and pointed out to me that it looks like a heart.

Don’t forget everyone you only have until the 3rd to sign up for Beauty Box Buddies before the run begins without you!

Question: Are you a coffee drinker? How many cups of coffee do you drink a day?


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