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Finding Your Own Path in Eating Disorder Recovery

Posted Jan 26 2011 2:21pm

paths to recovery

The journey into eating disorder recovery is a private and individual one. Some of us come through in patient clinics, some through psychiatrists, 12 step groups or even our own personal spiritual path.

It doesn’t matter too much what path you take,  the only thing that is important is that it works and resonates with you. I tried for many years to follow other people’s paths – whether it was a highly recommended therapist, a dance therapist, eating disorder specialist or a 12 step program. They worked for some people, but many of these paths just didn’t work for me, no matter how hard I tried.

I also tried every type of diet , healthy or otherwise and still found myself binge eating, alone, in the middle of the night.

The problem was that I was unable to hear and listen to what was true for me. The disease silenced my own voice, my soul and my spiritual reality. I looked outside for solutions that could only be found within me. I had to learn to trust that voice, to believe in it and to let it lead me to recovery. This same voice still guides me in all areas of my life . When I choose to ignore it, I end up in pain. Only when the pain gets too unbearable do I surender and take action.

Each one of us has a different gateway into the journey of recovery and it is important that we learn to listen and trust our own wisdom. Learning to hear what resonates with your own belief system and identifying the kind of recovery path that you want is the key.

How do we learn to hear this guidance? Sometimes it is through a book, another person that has recovered, a blog post or a random article. It could be a particular spiritual practice, a therapist, dietitian or a recovery group.

The process is highly personal and individual. Be open and willing to listen to what is true for you. You may not know where the help will come from.

But your inner guidance will always lead you to the truth and to the path that is for your own highest level of growth. You will recognize the right path by the way it makes you feel and you alone can only know what is right for you. But don’t be afraid to make mistakes. There really are no mistakes, it is just a process of learning to trust yourself even more deeply and to be able to recognize your own truth.

The whole process is one of awakening, of growing spiritually and being ever more attuned to what works for you. The universe will send us messages from a multitude of channels, and at different times and levels of growth we are open to hearing them. Try to stay open minded and willing to hear new information.

We can also learn from the stories of others, but we need to listen to what is really true for us – the feeling of being inspired, awakened and having a truth resonate with you.

No matter what your path is, it is perfect and is guiding you to your own highest growth.

We all enter eating disorder recovery through different paths, it doesn’t matter how we get there or how long it takes.


How did you enter eating disorder recovery? What has worked for you or inspired you?

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