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"Family therapy" sounds like "Family-Based Therapy"

Posted Aug 26 2008 11:05am

Very important new article available over at the Maudsley Parents site .

Dr. Angela Celio Doyle , of the University of Chicago, has clarified the history and meaning of the term "Maudsley" and how it relates to other terms like "family therapy" and "family-based therapy." And it matters: clinicians and clinics all over the world are starting to say "yes, we offer that" when they do not.

"Family therapy" and "Family-Based Therapy" can actually be opposites: one is about the family being the problem, the other starts with the assumption that the illness is the problem and the family is the solution.

Parents, it is up to us. Ask good questions, listen carefully, and express yourself if it doesn't smell right. The right clinical support can save your child's future and life. The wrong approach - and it is out there...enough said.

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