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Even T. rex can't catch a break...

Posted Mar 03 2009 2:08pm
Apparently, you can be judged on your skeleton, too.

The study I stumbled upon (which was really cool!) explained the development of a technology to reconstruct a dinosaur's 3D body structure from 2D fossil specimens, using lasers to capture the image and a computer program to build them up. The results, say the authors, will allow researchers to better study the locomotion of dinosaurs and other extinct animals.

One of the lead scientists of the paper--titled "Estimating Mass Properties of Dinosaurs Using Laser Imaging and 3D Computer Modelling"--said: "Our technique allows people to see and decide for themselves how fat or thin the dinosaurs might have been in life. You can see the skeleton with a belly. Anyone from a five-year-old to a Professor can see it and say, ‘I think this reconstruction is too fat or too thin’."

But did the press release really need this title?

Fattysaurus or thinnysaurus? How dinosaurs measure up with laser imaging

And this smashing subtitle: University of Manchester scientists are using laser imaging to investigate how fat – or fit – T. rex and his fellow dinosaurs were.

At least they can't put fossil skeletons on a diet. Or can they?
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