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Emotional Mommy

Posted May 03 2013 3:02pm
Scarlet has learned that a measuring cup makes the best bowl for cereal.  It had a handle that makes it easy to drink the milk after all the cereal is gone.


Braiden woke up still warm and it broke my heart that he wasn’t able to go to his preschool graduation.  I was more upset than him of course.  This has been a very emotional day for mommy.  To make the day special I made him bacon for breakfast which I was glad he actually ate a little bit of and then Josh got out old Nintendo games to play with on this rainy day.  He’s getting so big so quick.  I don’t think it’s really hit me that he will be going to kindergarten in a couple of months.


Today, Scarlet and I took a great big, long, trip to the grocery store.  We were out of EVERYTHING.  It’s always an adventure taking this little monster in the store with me.


After the store I dropped Scarlet off and the gym daycare while Braiden stayed home with Josh.  It felt so great to get on the treadmill, without kids, without stress, without rain.  I felt free and it felt great.  I remember now why I don’t mind running on a treadmill.  I ran 6 today at a pretty fast for me pace.

Running helps me so much in life.  Sometimes when things seem to hard to handle taking that hour or two is sometimes all you get and I take full advantage of the time.  It releases so much aggression, so many feelings, and just helps me get through the day.

It made me feel really good that today while I was running, a girl got on the treadmill next to me and ran 3 miles.  After she was done she said, “Thank you. You don’t know but you helped push me to do those 3 miles without stopping.”  I wish I could have talked to her a little more but I was still going and a tad bit out of breath.


On the way home I heard this song and instantly fell in love.  I’ve been listening to it non stop since I got home.  I have always been a huge Pink fan and a huge Fun fan and this song is just amazing.  This would be something I’d love to learn on the piano and maybe do a cover of one day.


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