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emotional eating

Posted Jan 25 2010 9:54am

Emma, emotional eating is one of the hallmarks of all types of eating disorders.

To be technical about it we should say it something like: the use (or abstention from) food as an attempt to regulate emotional states. But that takes too long to say all the time (and isn't very catchy), so everyone just says "emotional eating" which works just fine.

Also, anxiety and depression are very common in eating disorders and related illnesses, so I'm not surprised you mentioned anxiety. 

There are some good websites where you can find books and info- the Gurze website where you found this blog is a fabulous one- they have all kinds of cool books and stuff that can help. And the NEDA website is helpful also. 

If any of you guys have books on eating disorders in general and/or binge-eating disorder in particular they think Emma might like, maybe you can give her some recommendations. As a start, Emma, you can't go wrong with anything listed on the Gurze website.

I also hope you can at some point go back to the psychologist you saw beofre. It would be so fabulous if there was someone near you who had lots of experience working with people who have eating disorders. But it doesn't sound like there is. The psychologist you saw could help you with anxiety and coping with life skills though, and that would help a lot with the eating disorder stuff. 

Welcome to our little community at this blog. We're happy to have you :)
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