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Eating Disorder - major health problem but still treatable

Posted Aug 08 2009 4:26am

Today eating disorder is one of the major health issues that the world population is facing. Millions of people from every age group are facing this health problem. As per latest statistics nearly around 10% of all eating disorder cases are reported to take place in young children who are 10 years old or less, and 86% of the cases are reported in individuals who are 20 years and older. Moreover, according to recent studies, it is even estimated that the number of people suffering from eating disorder is three times as much as the number of people currently living with AIDS. Many experts also believe that this statistic may vary because many men with eating disorders are not accurately diagnosed. Definitely these are few alarming indications that cannot be ignored.


There are the three most common eating disorders.


The most common among them is anorexia nervosa. Many people are suffering from this problem. The common symptoms of this health hazard are that a person suffering from this usually get irritate or depressed easily. In addition, withdrawal, and peculiar behaviors such as compulsive rituals or strange eating habits are few other common symptoms. Menstrual problems occur in young girls, often menstruation fails to start normally. In women, menstrual periods halt, while in men levels of sex hormones fall.


The second most common eating disorder is bulimia nervosa and the general symptoms of this problem are the person eats like there’s no tomorrow, and then instantaneously feels responsible about this loss of self control. The important point to note in this type of eating disorder is people suffering from bulimia may look normal but in reality they are extremely insecure people. In most cases they feel ashamed of everything about themselves and often get angry with their existence.


Then there is a third category which is primarily known as binge eating disorders. People with binge eating disorders do not do anything about their eating binges, become obese, depressed individuals and get sucked deeper into the vortex of depression about their physical demeanor. At times they are heritably predisposed to obesity.


Unfortunately, there is lot of misleading information on anorexia, bulimia and other eating disorders. Many people from across the world follow incorrect information making rounds and misjudge the dangers posed by eating disorders. Besides this, many people who have eating disorder feel ashamed of themselves. In fact this is the chief reason as to why people with eating disorders do not want to get help from others. It is important to note that these days there are numerous professional assistances available that can help in treating eating disorder effectively. There are also numerous self-help books to consult.


Eating Disorder Treatment


Eating disorder treatment might not be so easy but today there is various treatment centers that follow methods that can be are categorized into three groups like- diet regulation, medications and psychotherapy ranging from individual to family therapy. For those who think that the treatment may cause abrupt changes must ignore this perception.


Today with the advancement of technology and few treatment measures like selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) have shown positive results in weight maintenance. Many treatment centers are even following behavioral therapy that has also shown effective results. In addition, many experts are also recommending for psychotherapy. Psychotherapy has proven some effective results and helped in preventing the eating disorder from recurring and in addressing issues that led to the disorder.


Looking at the present scenario, one cannot deny the fact that eating disorder is a serious health problem. However, the important point to understand and remember is one can get better from this life-treating health problem. An individual or anyone who know someone suffering from any kind of eating disorder then he or she should make sure to get help before it is too late. Recovery or treatment can be a hard road, but will absolutely be worth it in the end. Just few recommendations and consultation from therapists or a physician can help solve the eating problem.

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