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Eating Disorder Day Treatment Program

Posted Jul 19 2010 10:34pm

The growing number of eating disorder cases are a cause for alarm to many and more and more young individuals are afflicted with  disorders such as Anorexia, Bulimia, Compulsive overeating, Binge eating or often a constellation of more than one disorder. Treatment is advised early at onset to prevent the severe health implications from developing.

Who Needs an Eating Disorder Day Treatment Program?

The following categories of people need this level of treatment program:

  • Clients who need more structure in the therapy than the intensive outpatient treatment offers.
  • Clients who are affected by an eating disorder but the health complications are limited and do not necessitate residential treatment.
  • Clients who have undergone residential treatment and are transitioning back to normal life.

Inclusions in the Day Treatment Program

The eating disorder day treatment program is intensive and includes:

  • Individual therapy for all clients where they identify and resolve emotional trauma and other underlying development issues which have contributed to and perpetuated the eating disorder. Clients work to develop healthy body image and develop sense of self along with desired behavioral changes.
  • Group therapy for all clients with main focus on behavioral changes, fostering connection with group members and developing relationship skills among individuals.
  • Family therapy includes educating the family on eating disorder and the recovery process, helping the family develop healthy communication and learn to encourage the client in home surroundings and refrain from negative pressures.
  • Nutritional education, meeting with the nutritionist or dietitian weekly to develop wholesome meal plan and well-balanced diet. The dietitian also helps the client create healthy exercise plan when appropriate.
  • Psychiatric evaluation and medication management for any co-morbid psychiatric disorders.

Castlewood Center for Eating Disorders employs a multidisciplinary approach to deal successfully with eating disorders of all kinds in serene surroundings. Their eating disorder day treatment programs are effective and client centered. The website is very informative about their treatment procedures.


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