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Eat Stop Eat Trials and Tribulations

Posted May 16 2012 12:02pm
I worked from home on Monday, a rare luxury.  As I sat on my cozy couch working in Microsoft Project my mind went instantly to lunch.  My traditional pre-fast options weren't available to me and I felt so tempted to order in all kinds of food.

When I finally ate my sandwich, I became intensely aware of the fact that I wouldn't be eating again until lunch the next day.  I hated it.  I wanted food, anything and everything.  It was the lingering binge eating disorder that was tugging at me, something that I haven't felt since starting Eat Stop Eat.  It had truly gone away, I felt none of the usual urges even when home alone.

But there was something about that rainy Monday, with Harry Potter on in the background, that made me so...itchy.  I just. had. to. have. food.

I realized that it was so challenging because when I'm at work I am around people and in an office without ready access to food.  I have to publicly declare that I'm going to get a snack if I want to eat.  I also have the added coaching of my favorite co-worker, who has been been supporting me from the get go.  She's always clued into when I'm fasting (and I suspect would be ready, willing, and able to knock a Hostess Cupcake out of my hand and into the trash). 

Monday was indeed a trial. 

I watched the clock.  1pm.  3:30pm.  Tick. Tock.

If only my boyfriend could get home from work, then I'd be okay.  He knows that Monday is my fast day, he helps me get through the dinner-less dinner times. 

Late in the afternoon I do a light workout (anything heavy and I won't make it through the fast).

I see someone eating an orange on a TV commercial, while watching High School Hookers on Lifetime Movie Network (wtf?! how is this on TV?) and I decided I needed an orange more than night needs day.

But at long last my workday ends and I head to a salon to get a mani/pedi.  Another hour that I don't have to think about food.

And then, just like every other fast day, I make it.  I feel okay, and know I can make it to bedtime. 

And when I wake up and do my Tuesday weigh-in, I'm happy with the results
164 pounds

Just four pounds until my first weight milestone, 10 pounds.  Just 10 pounds from my "looks like a relatively healthy person" weight of 150 pounds.  And only 20 pounds away from my true goal, 140.
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