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Don’t let Ed bully you – stand up and FIGHT!

Posted Nov 13 2012 9:51am
Now you ramp it up and meet that challenge head on. So you are right where you need to be, learning the exact lessons you need to learn. Don’t shrink back. Stand up and fight! -Quote from Beating Ana

When someone bullies you, it is very normal to feel scared.

There is no reason to shame yourself for feeling a burst of fear when ED starts in on you. Any person – even the bravest amongst us – would perhaps prefer to cower under a rock than stand up and fight.

What distinguishes the cowards from the brave ones is that the brave ones realize that fear doesn’t have to stop them. Fear is just fear – it is just an emotion.

Action is something else entirely. We can act on our own behalf very courageously even while we still feel fear inside. The best part is – once we start to stand up for ourselves, often the bully is the one who gets scared and backs down!

By the time we have said our piece and stood up for ourselves, ED will be the one cowering under a rock!


What do you need to say to ED to make him very, very scared? Go ahead – say it! And make your own day by watching ED crawl under a rock and hide, shaking in fear.



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