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Do you get in the way of you?

Posted Jan 22 2009 6:37pm
Today, someone said to me, your thoughts are getting in the way of you living to your potential. I think that may be the case sometimes, but I also feel it may be the fact that I let others get in the way of me doing what I truly want to do at times. Sometimes I can be so wrapped up in what others are thinking about something, or even better; what I think others are thinking about something, especially when it pertains to myself. We are all entitled to our opinions. But do we have to take these opinions so personally and so to heart that we let these views keep us from being ourselves? In this day and age it is so important to get approval from others in how we live our life. We let others hold us back at times so, we can keep the peace and live in harmony according to what they feel, living in harmony, is all about. But is that really living in harmony when we don't truly feel it is for us. I don't think it is. I feel that if we cannot live up to our integrity and truth then our life is not authentic to the point where we are satisfied with how the events of our life is going. If we don't take a stand, on how we choose to live our life, who will?
This past week has been the pits for me.. I had been waiting for some answers about something in my life and I wasn't getting these answers. I was becoming a bit hyper if you call it that and feeling a bit compulsive. With the uncertainty of these events, I found my old friend sugar and and also coffee. I felt that at the time it was all I could do, to keep calm at the time. So I went off my program to help deal with these events. Meanwhile, Friday came and some of the issues that were a concern about were solved. I found further help for me with this sugar issue also. I have come to the conclusion that a list is needed to be written of the many different ways to deal with an issue other than eating sugar . So I have made this list and thought i would share it with you. So far my list is as followswrite in my blog
  • Call a friend
  • write poetry
  • listen to music as I do some cleaning
  • Drink a big glass of water
  • plan my goals for the year
  • make a collage
  • read a book
  • clean my desk
There is so much I could be doing other than panicking and becoming compulsive...I had two weeks of no sugar and I felt great. One incident and I have lost that... I think that I will just dust myself off and get back on the program... No looking back or no saying woulda. coulda, shoulda. Trust is such a big part of this journey. Trusting that the universe will help guide me in this process, of recovering from food addictions. When I picked an angel card just now; the card that came up for me was Patience. The P word. I use to dread seeing that word. Because it meant I had no control over how I travel down this path called life. I want to recover from food addiction yesterday. To no longer be a food addict.. But that isn't going to happen..... I need to lay the groundwork of dealing with food addiction towards my recovery.. To let my angels guide me in this journey and to be patent with myself and with the angels who are with my at this very moment. In closing I ask that your angels be with you in your struggles . That they guide you and show you how to be patient with yourself too. Taking baby steps each day in this recovery process will accumulate and u will find that recovery is very close at hand. I wish you a day of rainbows and butterflies, and that your dreams will truly come true, whatever they may be for you.
What diversions do you have for yourself, when all you want to do is eat everything in sight? Please feel free to share these today.
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