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do bulimics lose weight?

Posted by cali

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Two things mostly happen in bulimia: there are significant weight fluctuations, and dramatic fluid shifts in someone's body. Purging by any method is hard on a body, and confusing for it too. Also, bulimia is characterized by some amount of chaos in food behaviors- severe dieting for a few days then bingeing, for example, or bingeing then vomiting, or dieting for days then exercising extremely. The body doesn't know how to deal with this chaos and instability. It's like a crazy roller coaster. So, while it IS possible for people who suffer from bulimia to lose weight, the more usual scenario is weight that fluctuates quite a bit (which tends to make the person with the disorder pretty darn anxious and depressed and feel out of control- all of which in turn tend to increase the use of bingeing and purging behaviors... which is how the bulimia becomes such a vicious cycle).
Bulimia is not a good weight loss alternative, and in fact a very dangerous one. Using purging of any kind causes many of your normal body functions to get out of sync and totally confused. If a person is using the binge/purge cycle, they will probably gain weight due to all of the imbalances it causes. Purging causes water retention, electrolyte imbalances, kidney problems, throat damage (vomitting) and many other health issues.
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