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Dealing in choices, when it comes to food addiction

Posted Sep 30 2010 12:06pm
I am sometimes overwhelmed by the amount of food that is around everywhere i go.  i am also overwhelmed by the portion sized in which the food is served in some restaurants and  the many varieties of food in a supermarket.  One thing i have noticed is the how one food such as trisicuits come in many different varieties so the choice  of what kind of triscuit you might  want has quadurpled.  Of course you want to try every flavore offered because you just love eating triscuits. Also i have noticed this in a lot of the cookie brands such as oreo cookies..  Forty years there was one brand chocolate cookie and white filling. And now we have several different varieties we can choose from of just an oreo cookie.  Also the coffee creamers it use to be just one coffee creamer which was just cream now there mare varieties. As a food addict, it poses a real problem for me. It causes me to want to try all of the varieits of a particular food, to see if i like any of them.  A person who wasn't a food addict would have no issue.  They would pick just a variety that really sings to them.  
I guess what i am surmising is that there is a great increase in the selling of sugary snacks.  For me sugar is terribly addictive and i have a very hard time giving it up.  I like it and i enjoy eating it. Its my freind and my companion at times.  Why would i give it up. Well for one thing i want to live.  I want to be healthy and i want to see my nieces and nephews live to a ripe age.  I want to be able walk around easily and i want to posess the teeth I presently own.  I want to be able to be free from numbing my feelings and also be at a wieght that is proportional to height and age. 
I am not saying to cut down on sugar if you don't wish to do so. But when will you cease to wanting more sugar? I have found out in my  years of dealing food addiction that i will always want more. I feel that there isn't any specifi food plan for someone who is dealing with food addiction.  It is pretty individual because we all have our triggers of food.  This blog isn't to tell you what to eat but there may be some information about what truiggers us to eat great volumes of food.  So there is prescribed diet we all have todecide what the triggers are for us personally. 
But I can talk about the pain we feel when dealing with food addiction. Offer support and offer encouragement in what you would like to do for your self.  Some people do with 12 step programs, or going to a nutritionis or getting diet counseling.  Exercise of some kind is helpful and also making some goals around dealing with the food addiction is helpful too.   Talking to friends and  information from expersts is helpful too.  What ever path you wish to follow concerning food addiction is your choice. Being informed about food addiction is also your choice. 
My question to you is how much longer do u want to continue to be where you are now.  What measures can you take to change the situation.  When we consider these questions we help ourselves to focus on the matter at hand. 
I am wishing you to make the choices that are good for you at this particular time.
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