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Daily Inspirations – Comparing and Judgement

Posted Aug 28 2007 12:00am

Stop Ruining Your Fun
(From The Language of Letting Go)

Stop comparing and judging. Those two behaviors drain all the joy out of a perfectly good life.

We compare this time in our lives to another time. Then we decide that this time is worse, not as much fun. Or we compare out life to someone else’s, and we decide the other person is having more fun and success than we are.

Comparison is judgmental. We judge this to be better than that, and this to be worse than the other. By comparing and judging, we deny ourselves the beauty of the moment and the wonder of the life that’s in front of us now.

Instead of deciding if a situation is good or bad, just be thankful for it- the way it is. Most things are neither good nor bad, unless we attribute those judgements to them. Most things simply are, and they are what they are, at this moment in time.

Go into the moment. Let it be what it is- free of judgments and comparison. Can you believe how beautiful it is, right now, right here where you are? Why didn’t you see that before? If comparing and judging is draining all the joy out of your life, start putting some fun back in it by applying a little gratitude, instead.

“God, help me put the fun back in my life by letting each moment be what it is, without comparing it to anything else.”

-Melody Beattie, The Language of Letting Go

I’m so insecure that I envy anyone and everything. What I have isn’t as nearly as great as what the guy down the street has, or what my brother has, or what my friend has. Etc, etc. I always compare what I have to other people, because I never am satisfied with what I have. And maybe that’s why my house recently burned down. Maybe God was teaching me a lesson–the lesson of being humble and grateful for what you already have.

I’m also the kind of person who wants everything NOW. I get so envious of my family and friends, because a lot of them are getting engaged or getting pregnant. And I want all that, too, but my boyfriend and I are on different pages. I know I need to give this up to my Higher Power and let Him take care of it. It’ll happen when he wills it so, but I’m afraid the longer I wait, the less likely it will happen. But then again, if it DOESN’T happen, maybe that was in God’s will also.

I need to stop seeing my life as one problem after the next, and simply see it for what it is. Nothing is “bad” as long as I don’t see it as that. Maybe if I saw these “problems” as hurdles or stepping stones into something greater, I’ll be able to handle them much more effectively. Maybe if I was more grateful with who I was and with what I had, I wouldn’t be so miserable all the time…wishing I had everything else than what I have.

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