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Couple of comments, and our Bump ...

Posted May 10 2009 10:31pm

Couple of comments, and our Bumper Sticker of The Week. 

First, a word about relapses. I think we should be thoughtful about how we use that term. Personally, I'm more fond of "an increase in symptoms or behaviors" because I think it better describes what is happening. Also, to me, "relapse" sounds so kind of random, like it spontaneously manifests out of nowhere, which I don't generally find to be the case. And also,"relapse" can sound abstract- as in unrelated to anything, which I really don't find to be the case.

Anyway, a relapse, or whatever we want to call it, can indeed be triggered by big emotions surfacing or presenting themselves. These can be emotions related to a specific event that happens (getting married, graduating from school, moving, having an argument with someone close, ending a relationship) or it can simply be an increase in emotions that have already been present. 

It's important to pay attention to relapses. Some kinds of increases in symptoms are indicative of progress being made in treatment. Others are evidence that the level of care someone is participating in is not sufficient support for him/her, and that a more intensive level of treatment is needed. Therapists are good at helping differentiate between these these types of symptom increases.

Whatever the trigger/s for the symptom increase, it's cause to pay close attention and focus on treatment and recovery. Even if what's really going on is progress, a symptom increase can sneakily (not sure that's a real word...) take hold and get you into serious trouble rather quickly.

Now, onto our Bumper Sticker of The Week. This week's choice: Good enough is enough.

That should get the attention of all you perfectionists out there... 

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