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Confessions on cable TV

Posted Mar 02 2011 11:29pm
When I moved into my new place last month, I splurged on cable.  I tried to justify it for any number of reasons (my other entertainment budget is nil, etc), but ultimately, I thought it would be kind of fun.  It didn't hurt that TV reception is pretty minimal without cable where I live.  So cable it is.

I used to be one of those "Oh, but I don't watch TV" people.  It started as a legitimate I-have-no-real-inclination-to-watch things.  When I was younger, I preferred reading.  Now that I'm older (and I spend all day reading and writing), I need to relax with less eye strain.  And I've gotten over my need to appear as a cool Intelligentista who is way the hell too cool to sit in front of the boob tube every night.

I thought eschewing TV made me hip and edgy.  It made me different from the stereotypical "fat, lazy American" that you read about in the papers.  It made me feel sort of better than.  I'm not the kind of person who would spend heaps of cash every month on something that just rots your brain!  There were plenty of times when, financially, forking out any extra money wasn't going to happen.  Not that my current budget has me rolling in the dough, but I can be careful and comfortable.

Here's the confession: I really like cable.  Every Saturday night is House reruns on Bravo (which is, as far as I can tell, the sole redeeming feature of that network).  I watched Bones reruns tonight on TNT.  I tuned in to a true crime marathon the other day, which was way too much fun. We all need a bit of smut, right?  I don't have DVR or Tivo--generally speaking, I'm around when a show airs, and if I like the program enough, I'll make an effort to watch it.  If it's not worth the effort, that I guess I'm not all that attached to the show.  If two shows ever aired at the same time, I would be in trouble, though.

It was something my eating disordered brain fought tooth and nail.  A chance to laze about!  Sit and do nothing! Become a couch potato!  Heavens, no!  Cable was banal and indulgent.

Well, maybe it is.  But it's also fun.  That's something I'm really starting to enjoy.
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