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Confession time

Posted Oct 18 2008 1:22pm

In the past I have been hypercritical of post-op WLS people who criticize fat people, look down on them, etc. Hey, we were there--we were them--once upon a time.

And while I thought I was superior in my empathy and acceptance, I am beginning to realize that I am repulsed by huge, over-sized, cellulose laden, mishapen asses. And the people who think they look good with them.

There's this woman at work who has one such ass. It's big. And, speaking as a lesbian, I often appreciate ample asses. But this one is big and the owner has a lack of understanding regarding her girth. Some asses should not sport thongs and low-rise pants. Hers. One of them.

And now she's pregnant. In some ways, I am mesmerized by pregnant bellys and the cool shapes they take on. Her's isn't so bad. But her ass is growing and she's still wearing the same thongs. You can see that tiny strip tugging at the top of her crack through her too-tight pants.

Part of me can't help but stare. Part of me wants to puke.

Maybe what turns me off the most is this person's apparent (assumed on my part) lack of self-awareness. How could she not see that her ass is not meant to wear the pants she puts on? And how the hell can a thong be comfortable when you're pregant? Tell me!

My partner has a big butt. I like it. Even when she was smaller, she had a big butt. So why does this other woman's ass freak me out?

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