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Complete Eating Disorder Recovery is Possible

Posted Feb 23 2011 7:23pm

eating disorder recovery In honor of NEDA Awareness Week, “It’s Time to Talk About It” I wanted to write a post about reinforcing the idea that it is actually possible to recover completely form an eating disorder. I will also be posting some special recovery stories as well as links to great stories and videos related to NEDA awareness week.

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I struggled for almost a decade with various manifestations of the disorder, never really believing that I would be completely cured. Even the therapists and groups that I attended appeared to promote the idea that this is something that I would have to live with forever, and simply learn to mange the symptoms.

That has NOT been my experience.

I believe that it is entirely possible to recover completely and not live with any of the obsession, compulsion or acting out around food. It is possible to re-establish a healthy relationship with food and out bodies.

I have had complete eating disorder recovery for 4 years and in that time:

  • My weight has been stable
  • I have not had a desire to binge, purge or starve
  • I eat things that I like and stop when I am full
  • I do not obsess about food or my body
  • I consider myself a normal or intuitive eater

If you have read my story and know how bad it was, and you can relate, then the same recovery is available to you.

Believe in yourself, believe in your recovery and always visualize what your ideal recovery looks like to you. Keep this image in your mind and you WILL achieve it.

Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.
Winston Churchill


I have been receiving a lot of questions, feedback and emails from people looking to achieve complete recovery. As a result, I will be publishing an ebook that will be released next week.

Recover from Eating Disorders – Ebook About Achieving Complete Recovery From Eating Disorders

In it, you will find details about:

  • every step that I took to recover,
  • what did and didn’t work,
  • how to be rid of the obsession with food and weight
  • how to meet challenges
  • how to radically improve every other area of your life once the obsession with food is gone
  • how to end binge eating for good
  • achieve your natural weight without dieting
  • tools that bring you to recovery and
  • how to maintain the freedom and recovery once you get there.

Don’t forget to sign up for the ebook early to be notified of the release and receive a pre-launch discount and a few special bonuses.

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