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Come to Washington and make change in how eating disorders are treated, researched, and understood!

Posted Mar 01 2012 6:38am
We all complain about lack of public understanding, quality of treatment, lack of research, and insurance coverage here in the U.S. but what are you DOING about it?

Well someone with a track record of success, a lot of savvy, and a large coalition of support IS doing something about it and they do so with our help
The Eating Disorders Coalition is that someone. I have volunteered with them and F.E.A.S.T. is a member because EDC is doing excellent work and has for many years. They're skilled, they're focused, and they're savvy: they KNOW the way things work and they have steadily improved the government's understanding of the issues. They are well-known, too, because they have worked so successfully with staff and Congress-members and other organizations. Because they are a coalition of a diverse range of groups and individuals they are about real change, not self-interest.

My daughter and I have both lobbied with EDC, and I'm a big supporter, I've even served proudly as Team Leader for the Virginia team. Jeanine Cogan and Kathleen MacDonald spoke at the F.E.A.S.T. symposium about the empowering effect of activism.

The next Lobby Day has just been scheduled for April 24, and want you to come to Lobby Day. Bring family members, bring a best friend, add a day to see spring in the Capitol. You will get more out of it than you give, but you are needed. Each person who goes is escorted with their group to their own legislator's office where you need not be an expert in anything but your own story. Real people telling their story has the power to change legislation - I've seen this. I've seen staffers tear up, make decisions on the spot, and become ongoing allies to the cause on the basis of ONE 15-minute meeting. You matter: come to Washington!

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