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CiShiPing elbowing method rhett not escape punishment be additional secondary flagrant foul

Posted Mar 01 2013 2:54am
According to the Los Angeles times reported, because in the game against the Denver nuggets elbow method rhett, CiShiPing today by alliance additional a flagrant foul, and at present he and Dwight Howard of warcraft were in the edge of the suspension. Local time on Monday, the lakers roadies against the nuggets. In the end of the Nike Air Max 2011 third quarter, CiShiPing suspected elbow method red face. At that time of the game, the referee did not make decisions, if the referee to make decisions, CiShiPing will probably expelled, but union or to research the game video, finally decided to additional malicious foul penalty. Although CiShiPing not suspended, but this time the secondary flagrant foul, let him this season's flagrant foul points accumulated to 5 (grade 1 malicious for 1 minute, level 2 malicious to 2 points), tied the two teammates Howard, led the league. If two people were once again blow flagrant foul, would face the ban of punishment. If it is to eat to grade 1 flagrant foul, that will be subject to a one-game suspension. If you eat up to level 2 flagrant foul, that will be suspended for two games. Howard last eat flagrant foul is on January 14,, when the lakers against the knight. But so far this season, in addition to Howard and CiShiPing besides, the lakers' other players are not harvest flagrant foul. Be worth Cheap Nike Air Max 2011 what carry is, etc in the playoffs, malicious foul branch recount. Earlier against the pistons, CiShiPing and brandon - knight produce body conflict, but also his fist struck opponents, the result is a one-match ban alliance, who missed the lakers and basket network game. Of course, to CiShiPing speaking, flagrant foul and suspension is not nothing new. The palace, another slat falls events so much, but last season end the regular season against thunder, he is a successful completion of the Slam Dunk after, fierce elbowing haddon (encounter a concussion), the result is union suspended for seven games. He revealed the rockets training today see yesterday's video, realize how bad they yesterday, "it's very embarrassed, we had many collapse, can't stop opponents, details also do well at the beginning of the season. But we also met this situation, we went through it, now we need to continue to do so." Tomorrow, the rockets win against magic, this will be the rockets can never Nike Air Max 2011 Mens lost a game. LinShuHao indicates that the team will go all out the next 10 games, "we will be very seriously, this is our good chance to catch up with 6 7. We don't worry about after our team." "Bryant said a few days ago, he made sure the lakers into the playoffs this year can, this has a lot to do with you." Netease sports asked. "Kobe is very confident, his team is also looking forward to into the playoffs. But he can't guarantee that we losing streak, there is no guarantee that jazz losing streak. For me, I just worry about, we want to win as soon as possible. His voice, for me there is no meaning." The rockets parsons think he does not pay attention to Bryant's zealotry. Local time on February and day at noon, the rockets after training, "GaoFu handsome" said he and the team although are very frustrated, but fate still belongs to the rocket in his hand, does not depend on the lakers play, "we will understand the lakers' ranking, but we are not too much of these. As long as we win, they couldn't catch up, and now we only need to do your own thing. Interestingly, this is only parsons in the Nike Air Max 2011 Womens second year of the rockets, but he is the rocket the oldest grand old man, he is the only rocket a last season in Houston to play big players, although Smith last season in the rockets play, but only played eight games. Parsons think the rockets now dilemma reminds him of the last year," at that time, we have a wave of six defeats, ruin the good situation, has lost the chance to enter the playoffs. This year, we won't let it happen again. "
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