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Chia, 5 Things Thursday and Insanity Abs

Posted Jan 31 2013 1:29pm
Quote of the Day:

Every day do something that will inch you closer to a better tomorrow.

-Doug Firebaugh

‘Ello! Yes, I just greeted you with an accent today. Mixing things up a little.



Let me just tell you a little something… I AM SORE. I got a great workout yesterday from my DVD and I could not WAIT to push myself again today. I’ve decided to stick to the MAX DVDs from now on, because I’m insane like that. ;-) Today I did MAX Interval Plyo.

I learned today that my legs are pretty strong but I have almost zero upper body strength and my ab muscles could be better (and they’re getting there.) Insanity has a Cardio Abs workout and there is not a single crunch during it. I love that. I thought I’d share my favorite ab moves from the dvd. I try to incorporate them more during my day, like when I’m watching TV or during nap time. Now, I’m NOT an instructor. I’m just showing you the moves I like. K?

First Shawn tells you to get in the C position.  Which looks like this…

workoutabs 004

Then you SLOWLY twist your upper body side to side. This is a slow and controlled move.

workoutabs 007

The other way…

workoutabs 008

I was trying to smile but… my abs were burning. Simple, right?

OKAY, The next one you start in the C position again. (I shaved my legs for you guys, just so you know. You’re welcome.)

workoutabs 004

Your right leg goes out.

workoutabs 009

Then it goes up.

workoutabs 010

Back down.

workoutabs 011

And back in.

workoutabs 012

Then repeat with the other leg.

It’s killer I’m telling you.

After my Max Interval Plyo I did not feel like cooking. AT ALL. But I did feel like eating! My lunch included

  workoutabs 022

Which I ate with carrots… and a spoon. Also… workoutabs 023

 I couldn’t do any better than that today. I wasn’t feeling creative.

On a happy little note, remember our Chia Herb Garden? It’s starting to grow and Braiden is really excited about that! I’ve always been terrible when it came to keeping plants alive but it is amazing what will happen when you actually water them.

puzzle 010

puzzle 011

puzzle 014

I had an interview last night for a local gym and I think I nailed it. We’ll see in about two weeks! It would be a great step in the right direction to me getting my Trainers Certification. Plus I’d get a free membership and 2 hour a day baby sitting! Shoot yeah! (It’s amazing how when you become a mom, you pick up 4-year-old lingo and use it like it’s cool.)

5 Things I’m going to do in the near future.

1. Do something fun with my hair. I’m thinking purple highlights.

2. Try out a homemade GU recipe… Should be interesting.

3. Try an Izze Soda .

4. Buy another Sports Bra- I seriously only have one.

5. Eat a half of a slice of an enormous pizza from Lemmons . (For my mom and sister’s birthday)

Questions: Have you guys ever had a Chia Pet or Herb Garden? Did it grow?

What’s something you plan on doing in the near future?

Do you like Crunches?


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