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busy february.

Posted Feb 25 2010 3:32pm

Frozen.Oranges had its birthday and then.. nothing.

It’s been a ridiculously busy month. In short: a lot of work, a lot of gym, a lot of job searching (and an interview!), and a trip planned to head to Seattle next month.

I’ve been working hard to find ways to add a little excitement and change to my life. I’ve started to think about taking some time off from New England. The beginning of that is my trip to Seattle, but a week is not quite what I’m looking for. Change doesn’t come with keeping things the way they are. (How very Yogi Berra.) I think the biggest change I could make would be to finally get out of here. Someplace warmer, where the cost of living is cheaper and the jobs pay the same. Just a thought.

The biggest thing to happen this month is two of my best friends having a baby. (Two people, same couple, one baby.) Elissa June Haddad was born Monday morning, Feb 22 at 9:54am. Since then, things have not been easy and all of our friends have basically been rotating through the Newborn ICU nightly. Here and there, one will spend the night as added support.

She had a complication at birth called Meconium Aspiration Syndrome (MAS) and has been on a ventilator for the past 3 days. We are all praying for her to get through this unscathed. It is very possible and her numbers have been good. She has been stable since Monday evening.

If prayer has a place in your lifestyle, we ask that you please keep baby Elissa in your prayers for us. I just want to hold this baby girl and see her live a full, happy, healthy life. Updates to follow.

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