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Blame It On The Rain

Posted Apr 18 2013 1:44pm
I put Scarlet’s hair in some high Pig tales today.  She’s getting much better at not pulling them out.  She could get away with murder looking this cute.

pigtales 005

I’ve been starving all day and it’s only noon!  I know I’ve been working out a lot and that’s the reason.  My body wants more calories to support all the running. I’ve been losing weight like crazy though.  It really pays to be nice to your body.

Today I did some cross training on the elliptical.  I didn’t use much of incline so it worked my glutes and butt only and gave my calves a good resting.  I already know I’m going to feel amazing tomorrow during my run.   I also did a little lifting on the machines today.  Working my shoulders is really helping with my shoulder cramps I usually get.


Before I left I had a bowl of cereal with coconut milk and a banana.  Then when we got home from the gym I stole a couple sun chips from Braiden, had a serving of these “fries” with salsa and jalapenos.


A big scoop of sunflower seed butter.


Some quinoa with a ton of onion, rice vinegar, and fish oil (It wasn’t pretty but tasted amazing)

A Salad.


Some fruit snacks.

and one of these.  It’s amazing how fresh these taste.  You will never want to eat a regular preservative filled pop tart after tasting one of these.  They taste so fresh and get this… like real fruit.


My pictures are looking pretty crap-tastic today, sorry.  I blame it on the rain.

The rain is really coming down!

My sister is sitting across from me at the table right now (stealing my internet) and showed me this video.  This is in Chicago. This came from the news site.

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