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Binge eating disorder can really...

Posted Sep 12 2008 2:16pm

Binge eating disorder can really make us feel totally stressed out and overwhelmed, can’t it?

Looking at the times that you binge, do you ever find that the days you are more likely to binge are the days that you feel overwhelmed, stressed out, or strive to have a perfect day?

I remember putting insurmountable pressure on myself in the past to achieve perfection, and when I failed (because who is perfect?) I would binge. Food would comfort me before I would realize that I was just setting myself up for failure time and time again.

I think that the feelings of being overwhelmed or stressed out are triggers that lead to a binge. It’s the same cycle over and over: You feel overwhelmed and don’t know how to handle it so you turn to food because you feel like you will regain control of the situation and the feelings that you lost. This happened to me so often. I would find solace with any kind of fast food.

Think about this: What would happen to your life if you could abolish your need for perfection and learn to turn the feelings of stress into peaceful situations? Instead of always looking at the imperfections of life, learn to make peace and allow them into your life.

When you focus on imperfections, you are placed further away achieving any inner peace. Instead of fixating yourself on the fact that you binge and are overweight, why not remind yourself that, while you wish to change, you accept how your body is right at this very moment. Learn to make peace with all of your imperfections. What are the good things about yourself that you love?

Focus on all of your good qualities and work on changing the bad ones. Start loving yourself no matter what your size is. You won’t be able to move forward with weight loss and ending binge eating unless you can acknowledge your body (and all of the flaws that come with it) in the present time.

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