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best laid plans

Posted May 04 2011 5:00pm

Plans. And best laid ones too. Plans are best seen as blueprints for experiments we are about to embark on. The planning is the preparation we do in order to proceed with the experiment. Laura R, plans don't guarantee a certain outcome. That's not what the word "plans" means. 

It's hard, maybe even scary, probably unnerving, that your plans didn't happen exactly as you'd set up for this trip. And I'm sorry it has turned out to be very hard on you.

AND, don't disregard the planning you did- you had put some good things in place for the trip. AND, you've probably learned some things (important things) from this trip (experiment). Now you have more information with which to make your next moves.

Use what you've learned to guide you in the next steps. AND, don't forget, you have lots and lots of people around from whom you can gather information and get support and help. You don't have to (and shouldn't) make your next moves in isolation- you may need to make some decisions, about a variety of things, so... ask questions, gather data, take some time to ponder...

Though hard, what you describe about your trip happens to lots of people. You are not alone. Just keep plugging along here- you're doing the right things to begin to take care of this eating disorder.

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