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being stumped

Posted Feb 05 2010 10:58pm

I've been know to try to get people stumped.

So I'm glad I managed to stump you Laura!

Being stumped doesn't usually feel all that greatbut it often creates a juncture where we can try a new way of thinking or looking at something.

When we get stumped we can either keep running ourselves into the wall thinking the same way we have been or we can try something new.

It's hard to try something new. It's often easier (because it's more familiar) to just keeping trying it the same way we've been doing it. It takes a lot to get us to try new ways of thinking- and being stumped can be dramatic enoughstop us in our tracks enoughthat we're willing to experiment.

Easy to saymore difficult to dobut it's helpful to try to view being stumped as an opportunity- as opposed to an impedimentor worse yetan insurmountable obstacle.
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