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Attempt at Potty Training

Posted Feb 21 2013 1:44pm
Today, Missouri is being hit as I type with a big ice storm.  I am not even getting out of my pajamas and I’m not even going to feel bad about that.  I have some taco soup cooking in the crock pot and the only thing missing is a fire to sit by.  Josh got to come home from work early and has been in the other room with Braiden playing video games ever since. Joy.

Scarlet is over 2 years old and STILL not potty trained.  I had Braiden done with diapers before he turned two.  It didn’t take anything special, I just told him what to do, got excited when he did it, let him run around naked and he was good to go in a week. Scarlet has not been as cooperative. So I decided to try a simple reward system.


A simple grid on paper along with some Dora stickers for every time she pees on the potty. I also got her some special princess flushable wipes.


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