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asthma and air pollution

Posted Jul 03 2008 12:11pm
Asthma is worsened by air pollution. If we could eradicate air pollution there would be less asthma.

Eating disorders are worsened by a dieting culture. If we could eradicate our dieting culture there would be fewer eating disorders, right?

I'm all for fighting our diet-obsessed, body image deflating culture - let's do it because it is sucking the soul and health from the whole population. Let's do it so that we can better recognize and better respond to people with genuine eating disorders.

But if all it takes to trigger an eating disorder, for those with certain biological makeup, is a brief diet or the flu or conditioning for the cross country team, then all the body image awareness and positivity isn't going to prevent it.

Less toxic air. Fewer toxic body images. But let's not misplace the nebulizers and the forks.

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