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Arielle's Word of the Day #22: HOME

Posted Jun 22 2012 12:00am
Home can be many things. The feeling of "home" is unparalleled. Beautiful. Strong. Remember that no matter where you go, you can always take a little piece of home with you. The following poem is several years old and short. It's a sonnet (I call it "Sonnet for the Self"), for those of you who are into poetry. I've done a Shakespearean sonnet, which means it is written in iambic pentameter abab rhyme scheme...until the last 2 lines, which is an iambic pentameter couplet. That's a lot of English talk for those of you who could care less, but regardless, the poem has an important message.

Sonnet for the Self

Inside the mind, there is a little room.
It has a tiny lock and just one key.
Around it, doubt and shadows tend to loom,
But when the door is opened, truth goes free.
This little room—it houses all self-love.
Tear down the curtains; let the sunlight in.
No need to worry what you’re worthy of—
To love yourself can never be a sin.
Just bask beneath the rays of love and pride,
And never keep this bright room locked away.
Do not be meek or feel you have to hide—
Without self-love, true joy will never stay.
So give this room all that you have to give,
And you will always have a place to live.

© Arielle Lee Becker 2006
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