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Arielle's Word of the Day #10: EMOTIONAL

Posted Jun 10 2012 12:00am
Far too often, being emotional gets a bad rap. People act like it's a downfall, a flaw, a hindrance to being logical or normal... but being emotional is necessary to being human. I'm emotional, and I'm proud.

It's when we don't allow ourselves to feel our emotions that we lose pieces of ourselves, or look to unhealthy coping mechanisms instead, or become robotic and fake.

Emotions mean we feel. And while feeling may sometimes hurt, it is also very wonderful.

If you choose to feel, to be an emotional being, you have to take the bad with the good. Because the alternative is being numb. Feeling nothing. Being devoid of emotion. So you get all (happiness, bliss, joy, excitement, sadness, disappointment, grief, love, etc.) or nothing.

Emotions help us grow.

Love to learn.
Learn to grow.
Grow to love.
Be emotional.
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