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are there halfway house for people suffering from eating disorders

Posted by tinkerbelle

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I would like to know, as well. I did see one in Southern CA on the web. I'm sure it is very expensive, though.

They wouldn't be called "halfway houses" but typically, they are referred to as "residential facilities" (non-medical, live-in homes) or "transitional living" (if you are coming from an inpatient centre/hospital).

An example of a short-term residential (and transitional) home would be Remuda Life: - It's a great place to go after Remuda Ranch Acute Inpatient Facility for Anorexia/Bulimia Nervosa.

A more long-term home (which is what the previous reply was referring to when they said the "place in Southern California") could be Rebecca's House: - I have known people that will go there to stay in the home for six months, and then are able to transition down to an outpatient programme there, then down to a treatment team back home. 

I have a TONNE of other resources and treatment if you want to message me.  

I am contemplating opening a HWH for Eating disorders. It would be for those transitioning from tx, it would not be a res. facility. I am a therapist at a res. place and we have no ed HWH's to send our clts to. If u have any staictics on HWH's for Eating disoders plssss share it with me, i would greatly appreciate it
Miracles Happen, check out Rebecca's House in Southern California.
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