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Are Obese Children Suffering From Neglect???

Posted Aug 26 2008 12:41pm

An article brought to my attention by CalorieLab , Obese kids: Parents probe , states the following:

SOCIAL SERVICES are understood to be investigating at least 20 cases of neglect involving overweight and overfed children in the UK.

The shock figures emerged yesterday as a small cache of doctors called for obesity in the under-12s to be officially classified as parental neglect.

Such a radical reaction to the increasing problem of childhood obesity could see children taken into care for their own health, if the idea is ever adopted by the Government.

It is unlikely that it will ever be used as anything but a last-resort action as the British Medical Association said doctors and health professionals prefer to work with parents, rather than “criminalize” them.

The organization's annual conference yesterday called for a raft of measures to tackle childhood obesity, including a halt to the selling of school playgrounds and sports fields and condemning supermarkets and food manufacturers who have decided against using the Food Standards Agency’s traffic light food labeling system.

But they stopped short of agreeing that obesity in young children amounted to parental neglect.

Granted, I'm all for looking at way to stop the obesity epidemic among young people. BUT, this is NOT the answer. But what do you expect from the British government. They stop the advertising for a nutritious real food like EGGS . Yet, they still continue to spew forth plenty of advertisements geared towards children for processed food products.
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