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And so time passes...

Posted Jul 16 2012 2:52pm
So it's been a while since I've blogged. Like, a really long while.

Here's the thing: I've been really busy with life. I have a new relationship, I've been keeping busy with my writing and book editing, and the ED stuff has been actually pretty minimal. It's still there, of course, but it's not front and center in my life. I've also gotten into a groove with recovery. It's less of a full-time job and more of a habit. Which means that it can still be annoying and time-consuming, but it takes less conscious effort.

It's not so much that I haven't had stuff to write about, it's just that this stuff hasn't been ED-related. Despite the fact that I have a (very) public blog, I'm actually quite a private person. I don't mind sharing recovery stuff because I don't feel like I'm violating my own privacy by doing so, and also because I think that the sharing provides something positive. With my life now, there's less benefit in sharing, and more of a sense that I'm airing dirty laundry that really doesn't need to be aired. I don't like involving other people in my blog, not because I'm sort of demented megalomaniac, but because no one in my life asked to be on my blog. I don't want to put anyone in any awkward situations because of something I said that later comes back and bites them in the ass.

Like me, ED Bites is continually evolving. The blog isn't going anywhere, but I will probably post a little less frequently and discuss topics from different perspectives.

I appreciate your patience during this time.
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