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Anatomy of a hot flash

Posted Jun 08 2011 11:11pm
One of the most annoying parts of regaining lost pounds (even just a few!) is the hypermetabolism and accompanying hot flashes. I feel like a woman in menopause.

I've come to find the hot flashes appear on a regular schedule.  I eat, and then...wait for it...wait for it...I suddenly want to find an ice bath.  They only come after eating, usually within 15 or 20 minutes.  My therapist tells me it's a good sign, that my body is frantically burning up all of the calories (errr, nutrition) to repair itself. Personally, I just think it's the weight gluing itself to my ass really, really fast.

Which might be true, but it's annoying and frustrating to deal with several times a day.  I wish it would just stop.

And I'm kicking myself because I should have known better than to let the ED back in, even just a bit.  That I shouldn't have been this stupid.

I know that hot flashes will eventually pass.  That my body will adjust.  That (gulp) the pounds will go on, and the return to homeostasis is one of the benefits to weight gain/health/whatever positive spin you want to put on it.
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