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all those regular adjustments that come in life...

Posted Oct 17 2011 1:47pm

Since I'm always telling you guys about how we all are continuously adjusting in life, here's a little story for you...

The entire time I've lived in my current house (like 14 years or something), in the house next to me has lived a very nice woman. She was in her late 70s when I moved in and now is around 85 or so.

She was quiet- travelled some, was healthy and sharp. We didn't spend much time together- like almost never, if fact, but I liked her- and she didn't at all mind that my cat spent many hours of the day in her yard. That cat got very old, and died two years ago. Now I have two younger ones who also love to spend time in my neighbor's yard.

I always knew there'd be a time when this neighbor would move. I didn't like to think about it. It would mean new neighbors, new sounds, more adjusting to all kinds of things.

Well, the time came about a month ago. Suddenly the woman decided she wanted to move east to be closer to family. It was a good decision on her part. Made lots of sense. 

The house went on the market... 

I found myself imagining all kinds of scenarios about who might move in. I tried focusing on the "favorable" scenarios- perhaps it would be a nice family, or a quiet couple, or no one, or maybe I'd buy the house- you know, just to have an extra one around and no new neighbors! But more often than not, I found myself pondering "how bad will it be" scenarios... loud (and not talented) bands rehearsing all night, world-class party animals with a meth lab in the garage, a teenager with a hobby of lighting bushes on fire... the possibilities were endless :)

The house sold, and I waited to see what the verdict would be...

Yesterday I found out. The new neighbors are a nice family with two kids... and a dog! Talk about adjustments- my cats are in for an enormous adjustment!!!

They've already built a fence to enclose the yard for the dog- and that's a change. They've started to painted the house- and that's a change. Lots of changes.

I went and met them yesterday, and they seem very nice. Pretty sure my worst fears were wholly unfounded! AND, it's still going to require some adjusting.

Perhaps especially for my cats!

Nothing disastrous, just the routine adjustments of daily life. Doesn't mean they don't require some work during the adjustment phase, but they aren't disastrous or dangerous.

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