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Achieving Full Eating Disorder Recovery (Video)

Posted Sep 11 2011 3:15pm

eating disorder recoveryHi Guys,

I wanted to share a special video with you this Sunday to keep you motivated and on track with your eating disorder recovery. I know that at times it can seem overwhelming, out of reach and far too easy to say “I give up” or “I will start tomorrow”.

But before you do that, I would love for you to take some opposite action – watch something that may create a mindset shift, inspire you and help you to get to that place of complete freedom from all eating disorders and the full eating disorder recovery that you CAN have and deserve.

In this video I discuss the 2 strategies that were the foundation of my recovery – dropping the diet mentality and reprogramming my mind to believing that full recovery is possible.

Watch the Eating Disorder Recovery – Achieving Full Eating Disorder Recovery Video here:

As always, please leave comments and questions as this is what I am here for – to help you get to the recovery and freedom that I have today.

Remember that I was once where you are now and I completely understand the pain, struggle, depression and frustration.

But it does not have to be that way. Change can happen in an instant. You too can recover.

I will guide you and answer any questions that you have to help you along and meet any challenges that come your way. I know how helpful this can be and it was something that I was always searching for when I was in the midst of my eating disorder hell – just to find that one person who had achieved full eating disorder recovery and could guide me down the same path.

Enjoy the video, post any questions and comments and you can download my step by step strategy in the Ebook Recover From Eating Disorders and begin your recovery today!

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