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A Very Merry Christmas

Posted Dec 25 2011 5:12pm

So remember how the last few weeks I have been kind of “scroogeish?”

Well the last two days have completely turned it all around, which is why, even thought I DID say I would resume regular blogging, I decided to take another few days off and celebrate with my family.

Christmas Eve started fabulously with a Zumba class and lunch with one of my very best friends in the entire world.

Kerry now lives in New Jersey (why is it that everyone I am close to moves there?!) so we don’t get to see or talk to each other as much as I would like, but we have known each other since I was 14 years old and Ryan’s brother actually lived with him in college, so when we do get together its as if time has barely passed.

I love holidays for that reason; friends and family just seem to have way more time for one another, and it definitely makes me smile :-)

I then spent the rest of the afternoon prepping, cooking and getting a bit dolled up for a massive celebration at my in-laws.

Unfortunately my camera decided to no longer work as I was taking pictures of the ginormous spread Sharon prepared and decorated, so I have no proof of all her hard work, but everything looked so festive and she did a great job at hosting.

There were nearly fifty friends and family all united to welcome Christmas, catch up, and just have an overall AWESOME time.

I have to say, however, the highlight for me was seeing my ENTIRE family sitting together at a table and actually enjoying each other’s company.

See it has been a rocky couple of years for my mom’s side of the family.

I wont necessarily go into details because frankly I don’t really remember why everyone had such animosity toward one another, but I think I mentioned before that most of my relation did not speak for a very long time; no holidays, no social interaction, what-so-ever.

It was actually quite sad and probably a major reason why I was so bitter about thanksgiving and Christmas; thinking none of my relatives would be anywhere near one another and I would either be stressing about how to equally split time between everyone, or miserable because I was dwelling on old memories, but my mom and uncle were absolutely wonderful about getting together and making this weekend very special, and for that, I am eternally grateful.

So the party was great, and I knew our Christmas Brunch that we were having at our house would be nice as well, since again, the ENTIRE clan agreed to be there, but I had no idea what a GREAT celebration we were actually in for…

My mom and I had a very structured plan since brunch was starting at 11 and we had a bunch of cooking still to do, dishes to assemble, set-up to construct AND open all the goodies Santa brought, but I swear time stopped when all of our Christmas’ wishes came true….


It was a COMPLETE surprise, and I screamed as he presented her with a beautiful symbol of their love.

It set the tone for the entire day, because the food (a few recipes I had never made until today!!—hello French toast casserole and baked oatmeal!) was delicious, everyone got along swimmingly and we laughed the entire afternoon.

I needed this to rekindle my Christmas spirit, and feel SO blessed for my wonderful family and friends who made it all possible.


I hope you had a great weekend, as well!

Merry Merry Merry Merry Christmas!!

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