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a new goal to work towards

Posted Jun 25 2011 7:55pm
as i mentioned yesterday, i have never had a great relationship with exercise. the above picture is one of my tagged facebook pictures, the caption of which reads "working out? that's a joke" because for me, even stepping on a treadmill hardly held any promise of exercise. this picture was taken right before i went back into treatment in april, as i was going through some weight restoration, and as my relationship with my body was terrible. now though, i'm in a much different place- i even enjoyed myself while running at the gym today! how strange (and exciting). with all this said, it might surprise you to hear that something that's been on my bucket list for a few years is to run a marathon. why? i'm not really sure. maybe i just think it's a big but attainable goal. and maybe it's cuz i'm from Boston and we have a really famous one, and my mom ran it. for whatever reason, it's something that's stuck with me. so i figure hey, no time like the present and starting today, i am going to start training. sometime in the next 11 months i am going to complete a marathon. i'm young and able, and i'm going to be attending university in Boston for the rest of my undergrad years, so why not? of course, there are countless things that could go wrong but for now, this is my goal. i've found a schedule and i'm gonna do it (at least once!) and hopefully get to run in Boston next April :) also fingers crossed that my knees/ankles don't give out...

 now, onto the food of the day! i woke up to thunderstorms which is always a strange thing, but at least it had me up early enough to have breakfast. used up my mushrooms from last night and had a biscuit, kinda a dream meal for me. then off the gym it was for a quick workout.

yesterday while checking out some other food blogs i saw a post by healthytippingpoint about sandwich that had to be made ASAP, also which sounded amazing. so lunch today was hummus, kidney bean and lettuce sandwich and a pear. all this was shoveled in as i ran out the door to see Bad Teacher with my friend. i recently turned 20, yet when i asked for my ticket the sales girl asked for my ID. apparently, i can't pass at 17. i know down the road that'll be a good thing... yet i was rather embarrassed. the movie itself wasn't as good as i'd expected, but still enjoyable.
yay for new sandwich ideas!
after an afternoon of meal planning and reading, my parents and i decided to go out for indian food, one of my favorites. i got the same dish of spicy chickpeas that i always do, but we ordered an appetizer of these fried vegetable things that were surprisingly good. and i was shocked that i ate something fried and didn't have a panic attack! maybe because i was so hungry, as my parents insisted on walking in to the restaurant, which was over a mile from our house. now we're in for the night and watching the girl who played with fire. i read the whole trilogy and this was by far my favorite book, so i'm looking forward to the movie!

for today's self-love i'm gonna have to send a link back to my post from when i got back from colorado. here's to intrinsic beauty, and my beautiful beautiful on the mere account that God made me!

starting monday i'll be taking classes four nights a week...which means dinner on the go, four nights a week. this does NOT seem very appealing to me, but i know i'll somehow make it work, though i'm a bit short on ideas.
when you have to eat on the go, what's a good meal to take? something that doesn't require refrigeration? 
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