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a national compassion day

Posted Jun 03 2010 10:53pm

Do you guys remember last year (or some time ago...) we had a National Compassion Day? Well, at least I proposed it become a national holiday (haven't heard back from Mr. Obama about this yet, but I'm guessing he's pretty busy with a few things :)

Anyway, I think it's time for another Compassion Day. So, the deal is, sometime during Friday, June 4th, we all need to stop and find something we can be compassionate towards ourselves about. 

It can be something big, small, medium, long-term, a moment that we remember a decade ago... doesn't matter, it just has to be something we are compassionate towards ourselves about.

And no cheating! No fair making it something you're compassionate towards someone else about! All of us know you're all fabulous about being compassionate towards every thing and every being in the whole entire world! Where you need practice is compassion towards yourselves. So there. Nice try though... I can just imagine how many of you were going to try to sneak that one by!

I actually called someone an idiot the other day. I know, how majorly therapeutic, right?! She's someone I know really well, and she doesn't mind me teasing her (well, ok, she puts up with me...). I can't remember exactly what she was telling me about, but it was definitely related to her being ANYTHING but compassionate towards herself. I was going to say something therapist-like, but it didn't quite come out like that. So it wasn't very diplomatic... it did get her attention I think :) She's unbelievably harsh with herself (not unlike soooo many of you guys), and she was just talking along, berating herself for anything she could find... it was totally off-base. She's a wonderful human being. Totally 100% worthy of gentleness and compassion towards herself.

Someone else had the opportunity to tease me about compassion today- so what goes around comes around I guess. She told me I really ought to have compassion for myself because I turned 46 today and that's so horribly old that I deserve some compassion. I laughed and told her I didn't feel horribly old, and while I'm a fan of compassion towards myself, I didn't feel this was a place I particularly needed some compassion. She just looked at me like I was too old to even think straight. (i think she's all of 19 years old, so no wonder I seem ancient to her!!).

Happy National Compassion Day! And happy practicing compassion :)
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