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a little rant

Posted Dec 28 2012 4:32pm

Ok, can I just rant a little for a second?

I think clothes are a real problem. 

You're going to think I'm crazy, I know! 

But hear me out...

I was talking to someone the other day about leggings. I was saying that I really like wearing leggings because they're comfortable. She was saying she didn't like leggings because they make her feel fat.

It got me thinking about why I think leggings are so comfortable. And you know what I realized? That I like leggings because they conform to my body.

They don't require ME TO CONFORM TO THEIR SHAPE!!! They arrange themselves to MY shape! I think that's very cool.

The problem with so many clothes is that they demand that we somehow make our bodies into a shape that fits what the clothes say is the right shape. Well... I object.

I mean, not ALL clothes do this, but many do. And I think it's silly. I do realize that in order to maintain the economics of the world manufacturers have to manufacture in bulk, not for each individual body- but that leads to a message that we should make our bodies into the shape that the jeans happen to come in.

So... I'm going to stick with my leggings... I'm even wearing some right now, and they're super comfortable and help me remember that I have a fabulously healthy, happy body.

Thanks for letting me rant :)

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