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A heartbreaking, horrible video

Posted Jun 22 2012 5:20pm
I could only bring myself to watch half of this video.  You may not want to - it is enough to say that this woman there to protect children on the bus is taunted, mocked, and called names by middle-school children while she cries. A bit of my worldview was shifted.

These children must treat one another this way, and themselves this way in their own heads. This vile, ugly, grotesque behavior reveals something rotted and frightening -- and I'm not completely sure what that is. To be one of these children, to be around these children, to maintain one's humanity surrounded by them... I despair.

Have young people grown so coarse, so unmoored from civility, that this is normal to them? Is this new? How does this happen?

Really, I'm sickened. I feel genuine fear to think of my children exposed to that, inured to it. It's dystopian. It's feral.

I rarely feel this, but, I despair.
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