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a good saying

Posted Apr 16 2012 12:35pm

I heard that Picasso once said this: "Every child is born an artist. It's growing up that's the problem"

It fits with the imagining stuff also, right? And with flexibility. And with not being so worried about "failing" or making mistakes or not doing everything "right" and all that stuff that can crowd in as we age.

This is why it's so fun to watch kids. They have that innocence, that willingness (and eagerness) to try and to experiment. They're just not so caught up in being perfect and being correct.

I get it that there are times when we need to get things right- I'm not against that. What I'm against is the rigidity that comes with the panic that we are horrible people if we don't get everything right, and everything right the very first time. Usually in life, things don't HAVE to be "right" the very first time- and sometimes in life they don't have to be "exactly right" (whatever that means) at ANY point.

Most of the time I think we should try to be like kids, adn have that fleibility and curiosity and eagerness to try things. Kids do it "just because" it's interesting. Adults do it often because we "feel we have to" or "we should" 

Not as much fun, for sure! And what we're finding out through experience and research now is that rigidity and pressure dont' lead to more productivity and creativity anyway... so, who needs it?!

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