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a big part of elf duties

Posted Dec 15 2011 11:43am

A big part of my duties as a holiday elf is to help people plan for this period of time- really from Halloween through New Year's is the time frame.

There are myriad things to plan for- and seemingly endless combinations of social, family and food events.

There's lots to plan for, no matter what holiday/s you celebrate- and even if you celebrate none of them. I've found that with some planning and concerted effort (not to mention scrupulous honesty and consciousness) this time of year can go well- sometimes it can be terrific, and in some cases when terrific isn't possible it can be made at least less difficult or challenging.

I think you guys are in the perfect position to help with my elf duties. In fact, you guys are elves also. Lots of you have very strong recovery under your belts, and lots of experience in life. You have thought of, and put into practice, many things that promote better holiday seasons. So, I thought we'd make a little list here. I'll start out, and then you guys can add anything onto the list.

Our Holiday List of Things That Make this Season Work:

1. stay connected- don't isolate

2. be honest with yourself about what you want and need- and hopefully then be honest with others about what you want and need. at he very least, though, work to be honest with yourself

3. think of holiday meals as simply one other meal in your life. we tend to get all caught up in the idea that we "should eat a lot on Thanksgiving" (as if that's the point of Thanksgiving anyway!!!)- it's a weird cultrual thing I think... the reality is that all of us really ought to approach a holiday meal as we would any other one- having eaten regularly the days before and the day of, and paying attention to what our bodies are saying, what we like to eat, when we're kind of done eating...

4. take enough time to breathe, and to have some alone/quiet time

ok... there's a start. Anyone want to add things?

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